Reusable Egg Carton Containers

Reusable egg carton containers are good if you have your own chickens or if you buy from the farmer’s market and just need a cute way to store them.

If you are like us and want to provide as much food as you possibly can from your own homestead, you will want to raise your own chicks. Once you have your flock of backyard chickens to the point of laying eggs, you can start thinking about how you are going to store your eggs.

How will you store your eggs?

The type of reusable egg carton containers will basically come down to how you want to store your eggs. Do you want to wash them and store them in a refrigerator container or do you want to leave them unwashed and sitting out on your counter?

  • unwashed eggs can be left out safely if you are using them up quickly
  • washed eggs must be stored in the refrigerator immediately

Washing your farm fresh eggs removes the bloom that your hens naturally apply to keep the germs from entering the shell. For this reason, you must wash in water that is warmer than the temperature of the egg so as to not draw in any germs into the inside of the egg. Once the bloom is removed by washing, the eggs need to be stored in the refrigerator.

If you need to see a video on how to wash your eggs properly, here is Mary washing up our eggs on YouTube.

3 Kinds of Reusable Egg Carton Containers

Here are a few of the nicest refrigerator reusable egg carton containers we could find. It has over 8,000 great reviews and it holds a dozen and a half eggs. If you order 2 of these, they come with free shipping.

Or maybe you want an egg carton container for the fridge that looks more like a drawer like this one. It holds 60 eggs or 5 dozen. How many chickens do you have? You’ll need to thing about each chicken laying an egg each day. You won’t want to have hand-me-down egg cartons all over your refrigerator. Something nice to organize them all like this drawer system will work well for most backyard chicken flocks.

If you want to keep your eggs unwashed and on the counter, you might choose to use an egg skelter like this one:

What stands out about this egg container for your countertop is that it has a basket on the bottom so it holds a few more eggs than just your normal spiral egg skelter.

Solutions for Disposable Eggs Cartons

If you want to sell your eggs because you have too many or just can’t eat them fast enough, you can buy cardboard egg cartons. We have the scoop of where to find them the “cheepest.” INFO on Cheep Egg Cartons

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