Buying Bulk Egg Cartons on the “CHEEP”

bulk buy egg cartonsBuy Bulk Egg Cartons to Save a Few $$

Nobody wants to go out and buy egg cartons, but some people who sell a lot of eggs are forced to find some way of obtaining them once all their friends and family run out of egg cartons and you can no longer recycle them.

It helps to mention that you sell eggs or have chickens everywhere you go, whether you end up selling eggs or not because many people will surprise you with dozens of egg cartons for free! These are the best kind to use, especially around the farm. At Wild Heaven Farms, we collect our eggs everyday into egg cartons so that we have less chance of breaking them.

Ok, seriously folks, egg cartons are expensive to go out and buy.  Buying them in bulk offers some relief on your “egg money” collecting efforts. Many farm stores like Tractor supply or Rural King want to charge almost 50 cents for each individual egg carton your purchase. Now I can see doing this if you are in a pinch and need some quick, but it doesn’t make a very good business plan.

I know some egg buyers are turned away at having to pay more for eggs because they don’t return your egg cartons so why bother doing it when you can obtain hundreds of egg cartons you can use and just regularly charge more for a dozen eggs to cover it. If you normally charge $2.50 start warning your customers that the prices will be increasing to $3 per dozen the next time they buy or on a certain date (the first of the next month is always a good time to raise prices).

You can even make more money by raising your prices the full .50 cents and buying your egg cartons super cheap. What if I told you that you could get them for just .32 cents each! I know that price is unheard of locally but it’s true. Ordering on Amazon is super safe and has become one of our favorite ways to get the items we need delivered right to our farm. That saves us money of driving somewhere because nowhere is close to us. (Disclaimer: If you order bulk egg cartons through the links I’m providing, I make a few cents off of each order but it doesn’t cost you anymore on your total. It just helps me to spend the time looking for great deals to show you! Thanks in advance, you people are great!)

This is the cheapest that I’ve been able to find for bulk egg cartons on Amazon:

140 Egg Cartons for 32 cents each- Free Shipping

If you have found bulk egg cartons for any cheaper than what I have shown you, please tell me in the comments where you get yours so that I can share that information with my other readers.

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3 thoughts on “Buying Bulk Egg Cartons on the “CHEEP””

  1. You can buy them less the 30 cents a piece with free shipping from
    You can also buy them from FarmTek 250 for $62 at 25¢ each, but shipping varies. $25 on 1000 for me in KS, still 26.5¢. Also has them for 13¢ a piece if you pick up. Have to talk to them for packing and shipping cost to your area. In sleeves of 140 for $18.20

  2. Why not charge a egg carton deposit and have customers return them to be refilled?
    Also you can offer a 5 cent or 10 cent discount on next purchase for each used carton customers will supply you? Make your customers your best supplier and you both win…

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