Cost to Run Electric 18 Quart Roaster

18 quart roasterWe use our electric 18 quart roaster quite often here at Wild Heaven Farms for various things, mostly chicken or beef bone broth. It takes a few days to do this and being as cost conscious as we are around here, we wondered how much it was costing us to do this.

First things first. Let’s discuss the type of electric 18 quart roaster we are using. Ours is a Hamilton Beach with the buffet pans like this one:Read More »Cost to Run Electric 18 Quart Roaster

Canning Pineapples in a Waterbath

Canning Pineapples is something we do every year at this time at Wild heaven Farms. The grocery stores usually price them right around $1 each for the New Year holiday so we stock up now for the whole year.

I always try to buy the ones that look to be the same color, whether it is all green or all golden yellow so that they will all be ready to canRead More »Canning Pineapples in a Waterbath