Hamburger Veggie Soup

finished ground beef veggie beef soup

You’ll want to pull out your Insta pot or whatever version of that you have to make this hamburger veggie soup. A lot of people call them instant pots but there is actually no such thing. Mine is Pampered Chef because I sell it. It’s called the quick cooker. There are many different versions of the electric pressure cooker and you can see all of them available on Amazon here: Link to electric pressure cookers

Let’s Make It!

I start out on the sear function, But yours may be called something else. It’s whatever function allows you to brown meats and sauté onions.

I normally use leftover beef roast or a jar of my home canned beef roast in my veggie beef soup but I don’t have any so I’m going to use about 1/2 of a pound of ground beef. This hamburger veggie soup can be completely customized to what you have on hand when the hankering for soup hits you.

The next thing I’ll do is chop up an onion. Remember to throw your onion scraps into a freezer bag to make broth in the future. (I get about 5 bags saved up in the freezer before I use my roaster oven to make a big batch of broth for canning.)

Leave your freezer scrap bag out because we’re also going to be cleaning up some celery and cabbage next. Before I add the chopped onion I’m gonna go ahead and turn my ground beef over and chop it up a little. We are going to go ahead and let the onions soften while the rest of the ground beef browns.

Next we’re going to wash a couple stocks of celery and get those chopped up to the size we like. I chop mine up in a fine dice because I have someone in the house who thinks they don’t like celery. I figure if it doesn’t look like celery it’s not celery right?

Don’t forget to toss the scraps into your freezer bag of veggie scraps.

Now chop up some cabbage fine. I’m using red cabbage but green works great too. Go ahead and add it to your pot.

Once you get it all stirred up if you see that you need to add some fat for it all to cook and you can add a tablespoon or two of butter. It all depends on how fatty your ground beef was.

If you’re using fresh tomatoes like me now is the time to add them. When I use cherry tomatoes from the garden I just put them in whole and after they cook for a little while I chop them up. You can use canned tomatoes of any kind that you have on hand if you don’t have fresh like me.

Once your tomatoes are all popped and chopped up you can add in 2 cups of broth any kind you like vegetable beef or chicken. I’m using my home canned chicken bone broth here.

I’m going to swipe all the onions and cabbage pieces off the side down into the liquid and Add the rest of my veggies If your function only last 20 minutes like mine does you can restart it at any time I’m using fresh carrots and potatoes so I’m going to go ahead and wash those and get them chopped up.

I’ll also be pulling some green beans peas and Lima beans out of the freezer to add in. I’m all out of corn and peas but you bet I would be adding it I’d I had some. You can add any vegetable you like to this corn, okra, zucchini, broccoli stems, even a veggie soup blend from the freezer. You can also use canned goods like Veg-all a mixed vegetable.

adding frozen veggies to soup

The point is use what you have or what you like and leave out what you don’t.

When I’m cooking fresh foods with carrots and potatoes I never peel them I just scrub them well and add them to my dish. Add salt and pepper to taste and any other seasonings that you like I sometimes add a little oregano and basil along with garlic powder but this time I put the lid on before I added anything. I’ll have to season it by the bowl.

Add the lid to your cooker and set it to pressure cook for 22 minutes however that looks for you with your particular cooker. I’m using the chicken setting and I added five minutes to it. Once it’s done I let it natural release for about 10 minutes before manually releasing the pressure and serving it.

Now It’s Time to Eat the Hamburger Veggie Soup

Here is what the hamburger veggie soup looks like after I put it in the bowl. We were all happy to eat this. There is something about making veggie soup with cabbage that tastes so yummy! I invite you to try this recipe in your own electric pressure canner.

finished ground beef veggie beef soup

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