Half Dozen Egg Carton Containers for 6 Eggs

How can you benefit from having half dozen egg carton containers? Does your backyard flock of chickens lay more eggs than you can eat? Are you looking to sell your eggs to your neighbors and friends or at a farmer’s market? Here is an idea for a specialized niche when selling eggs. Why not sell only 6 eggs at a time. Cater to the elderly or the single cooks who only want an egg every now and then and offer them a half dozen of eggs. You’ll be surprised at just how many people will want to purchase eggs like this.

The clear egg cartons above come with 48packs of clear plastic empty egg cartons for $16.99. That’s about 35 cents each. They each holds 6 eggs, perfect chicken egg storage for stores, farmers or producers. The half dozen egg carton containers is made of food grade PVC,toxic free and odorless. These are recyclable,reusable and environmentally friendly, excellent strength and clarity,keeps food fresh for a longer duration.

People like to buy what they can see. The clear packaging of these egg cartons allow a beautiful display, especially if you offer colored eggs. Talk about getting a premium when selling your farm fresh eggs! Add 3 blue eggs and 3 green eggs to that carton and ask as much as a normal brown or white dozen. People will pay that for such beautiful eggs displayed in these kind of egg cartons. Order some from this link today and see for yourself.

Egg Carton Containers for 6 eggs

Tap into this market of egg buyers who may live alone and only want to have a few eggs on hand for baking each week! Offering the ability to purchase a half dozen eggs will allow you to charge a premium for your backyard flock’s hard work. With the cost of feed rising each month, it’s great to learn ways to maximize profits from selling eggs.

If you don’t like selling your eggs in plastic egg carton containers, consider these beautiful paper cartons. Here is the link to take a look at them.

These half dozen egg carton containers give you the option of selling them in a whole dozen or splitting them in half for just 6 eggs at a time. This might give you a bit more flexibility at the farmer’s market. They come in at just under 55 cents each when split in half as they sell them in pack of 50 whole dozen and you get to decide.

The paper cartons above have a double clasp on both halves so that they can be secured once split in half. They are made from 100% recycled paper and are reusable and biodegradable. You’ll love these egg cartons!

Fun Looking Half Dozen Egg Carton Containers

These look to be super cute and the bright colors may just bring the attention of new buyers at the Farmer’s Market this spring!

While they might cost a bit more than the other 2 options above, they are made a premium quality natural pulp paper.The sturdiness and thickness of these egg cartons ensure no breakage while transporting or lifting to keep your eggs safe.

This might be a fun novelty near Easter to sell white eggs for coloring in. The possibilities are endless! Here is the link to these if you want to take a look at them on Amazon for yourself.

Egg Cartons at a Discount

Are you looking for normal egg cartons at a discount? Check out this article I wrote a few years ago about where we have found the cheapest egg cartons in the past.

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