Goulash Recipes

On Facebook, I have a group called Appalachian cooks and I recently asked what people considered goulash after someone had posted a picture of “American Goulash”. The picture was macaroni noodles in a tomato sauce with corn added in.

This is a picture of the recipe I chose to make which is a Hungarian version of goulash. I was really surprised at how many people who were willing to share there goulash recipes with me. You’ll see it below.Read More »Goulash Recipes

Coonhunter’s Cake – Pineapple Dump Cake

Coonhunters Cake or Pineapple Dump Cake

Whatever you call it, it is a good, quick and easy cake to make. No box-cake mix needed, just a few pantry staples and fresh eggs. You probably already have all or most of the ingredients to make this coonhunter’s cake.

I must say that this recipe is adapted from a dear woman who has since passed, Sandy Cox. She always made this when we had a carry-in dinner at our Southern Ohio Coon Hunters Club, hence the name. Read More »Coonhunter’s Cake – Pineapple Dump Cake