Salmon Patties Recipe

Here is how we make Salmon patties at Wild Heaven Farms:


2- 7 ounce cans of boneless/skinless salmon or 1 bigger can

1 large egg

2-3 shakes of celery seeds (finely chopped celery works, we just don’t like the texture in salmon patties)

chopped parsley to taste (celery tops can be substituted) this can be omitted if you have particular eaters who don’t like green in their food

shake or two of black pepper

crisco or olive oil for frying

1/2 sleeve saltine crackers


Drain salmon and mix egg into it with a fork in a medium sized bowl. Make sure you break up any big chunks in this step.

add celery seeds, parsley and pepper and mix well

now crumble the saltine crackers into the salmon mixture

Turn your stove burner to between medium high and medium heat and allow the pan to warm before adding the oil or shortening – you can even use bacon grease in a pinch, or because you want to, we won’t judge you!

Shape into patties- I use an ice-cream scoop like this one to get 6 even sized patties

buy this ice cream scoop for $5.99

If you like your patties extra brown, you can dip both sides into flour before adding them to the frying pan, but it isn’t necessary.

Add patties to the pan and fry on each side until golden brown.

That’s it, they are super easy and good for you too!

Watch for more recipes to come if you want to learn how we make our homemade shells and cheese. You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to make good, wholesome food with ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry. (If you don’t have them, you should start stocking up on some pantry staples so that you can make quick and easy meals without relying on box mixes or store-bought cans of food.)

7 thoughts on “Salmon Patties Recipe”

  1. I love salmon patties fried up nice and golden brown. I like mine with mustard and ketchup on top. Great meal with white rice and stewed tomato gravy, and English peas. Nothing better. Basically, my recipe is like yours, but instead of celery seeds, we love diced fresh onion mixed in with ours with one egg, salt & pepper, and instead of saltines, I use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of plain cornmeal. Love the crunch the cornmeal adds to them. Might be a southern thing, we love cornbread and cornmeal batter. I also use the juice from the can of salmon to add flavor. I use the big can, reserve the juice, and take out the skin & bones. Yum! Haven’t had any lately, this is making me want some.

  2. My Mom’s recipe is …

    2 cans salmon…remove bones & skin
    Strain juice…reserve.
    (I use the new pkgs of boneless it takes 3 large pkgs for us)

    In a mixing bowl…added salmon..use fork to break up the big chunks…till its all finely flaked

    Add reserved juice..stir well

    Then start with a 1/4 cup of self rising flour..add to salmon mixture. The flour helps keep them together and give a fluffier texture.
    Now if you use more salmon you want to use more flour.
    You want the salmon mixture to not be dry nor too wet. If to dry looking and milk a tbsp at a time.
    Salt n pepper to taste.

    At this time you can leave as is and cook or add whatever add ins you choose. I like finely diced onions..or bell peppers…a little hot sauce(to taste).

    Fry in oil till golden brown. Drain and enjoy.

  3. That’s exactly the way my Momma made them except for the celery seed. She used only saltine crackers, not Ritz or butter crackers. I’m 75 years old, so it would be safe to say this is an OLD recipe.

  4. I take out the skin and bones, put the juice back in and add one egg and enough flour and 1 half tsp baking soda to fluff up the pattie, shape in a pattie and fry till crispy and brown. I always serve mine with mac and cheese and creamed peas. Good!

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