Buying Bulk Egg Cartons on the “CHEEP”

bulk buy egg cartonsBuy Bulk Egg Cartons to Save a Few $$

Nobody wants to go out and buy egg cartons, but some people who sell a lot of eggs are forced to find some way of obtaining them once all their friends and family run out of egg cartons and you can no longer recycle them.

It helps to mention that you sell eggs or have chickens everywhere you go, whether you end up selling eggs or not because many people will surprise you with dozens of egg cartons for free! These are the best kind to use, especially around the farm. At Wild Heaven Farms, we collect our eggs everyday into egg cartons so that we have less chance of breaking them.Read More »Buying Bulk Egg Cartons on the “CHEEP”

Bugsy Blue- My Easter Egger Hen

This picture of my Easter Egger hen was taken this morning as I stoked the fire in the barn. It has gotten over 150 likes so far in the group Appalachian Americans on Facebook so I thought I’d do a little write-up about Bugsy Blue for anyone who wanted to read it.Warming Feet by Fire

(edited to add: This picture now has over 170 likes and I’m not even done writing this post!)

Please meet Bugsy Blue the Easter Egger hen and Heather, my 2015 graduate who used this chicken as a propRead More »Bugsy Blue- My Easter Egger Hen