Best Gifts for the Crazy Chicken Lady

How do I know what the best gifts for the crazy chicken lady are? Well, because I am one, of course! Now mind you some of these chicken products I’m about to show you are just for fun. These are the things that will either be a most useful gift or the best laugh a gal will ever have. It all depends on what holiday you are gift buying for.

Chicken Ring

If you are ready to pop the question or looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift for your Chicken Lady, This ring could be just what you are looking for. Simmer down fellas, I’m going to show you some other options if you aren’t ready for that kind of gift. There will be lots of the best gifts for the Crazy Chicken Lady, or the best gifts for any woman who likes chickens, she doesn’t have to be crazy!

There are cheaper jewelry options for a thoughtful gift for the chicken lady on your gift list. Be sure to check if your sweetie has pierced ears or not. There would be nothing worse than ordering earrings for a crazy chicken lady who doesn’t have pierced ears. They would be useless! So if you are new in a relationship and aren’t sure, ask, or look at pictures you have of the two of you together to see if you can tell before purchasing. If you need a different option of jewelry for a crazy chicken lady, check out the photos below of some of the different chicken lady gifts that are available.

Chicken Earrings and Bracelet for a Gift

Here is the dangling rooster earrings on Amazon. If your girlfriend doesn’t normally wear a dangle, she might appreciate a stud type earring like the next picture.

Check out the rooster stud earrings on Amazon. These are an everyday earring that can be worn at work and on the farm. If you have found out that your girlfriend doesn’t have pierced ears and you want a jewelry gift that isn’t a ring, the next option is a crazy chicken lady bracelet.

The last picture and other option is the Crazy Chicken Lady Charm Bracelet and it is an expandable stainless steel.

Chicken Charms and Necklaces as a Gift

Check out these colorful chicken charms, or pendants, I’m not sure what to call them. They have a wide variety of styles and colors, even roosters with colorful tails. These will add some chicken flair and make a great gift for your farm girl girlfriend. These would also make great gifts for your mother, your sister, your good friend, or even yourself. Does your grandma love chickens? Then get her one too the next time you need to buy her a gift!

Chicken T-shirts for Gifts

Would the person you are gift buying for rather show off their love for chickens with a tshirt over jewelry? Then here are some of the best chicken tshirts you can find for gift giving. Here is the Love Your Flock shirt, here is the Chicken Mom t-shirt, and the Funny Chicken shirt. These shirts all come in a wide variety of colors. Shirts make some of the best gifts for the crazy chicken lady. They will have good thoughts of you each time they wear it.

Useful Crazy Chicken Lady Gifts

Gathering eggs can be a chore if you don’t have this cute little chicken apron. How many times have you heard stories of someone going outside to just check on the chickens or watch them while they freerange and an egg busts in their pocket? If someone special had this lovely chicken apron to wear anytime they go out, they are sure to keep each egg safe in it’s own little pocket. Each egg is tucked safely away where bumping around with the others will cause them to break. There is nothing worse than having to clean out an egg from a jacket pocket or the front pouch of overalls. The crazy chicken ladies will know what I mean!

Look at this cooking or chef’s apron. What a way to show off the fact that you or someone you love is a chicken lover!

Try folding up one of these useful aprons and a box of chocolates or your girl’s favorite candy bar for the perfect gift for any occasion.

Egg Cartons and Stamps or Stickers

Here is an article I wrote about egg cartons and stamps that I think would make a great gift for the serious chicken lady. This lady will be selling eggs already or have a great plan in the works to start selling eggs in the near future for this gift to be a good one.

If you are looking for bulk egg cartons, here is the cheapest I’ve ever found them.

Chicken Accessories as Gifts

Check out these chicken purses, based off of the idea of a rubber chicken. This one is a creamy color and this one is a reddish brown color. Both are a nice gift for a birthday or Valentine’s Day or even an anniversary. Show your mom, grandma or girlfriend that you see her being a chicken lover and support her choices by making her look even more the part of crazy chicken lady.

The third option of a chicken accessory gift is this beautiful leather crossbody cell phone holder. Please note these only fit with older cell phones. Because of this, they would likely be better suited for someone to use as a coin purse or to keep your credit cards safe on a crossbody strap.

Books as Gifts for the Crazy Chicken Lady

How to Speak Chicken is great read for anyone who owns chickens. Learning the sounds your laying hens make during the day and night will help to learn their distress calls and their happy sounds. Learn about their pecking order and more. This book has over 3600 good reviews, you can’t go wrong with this one. If you want to grab this book and a pair of earrings or charm bracelet, it would make a great combo!

Raising Chickens for Beginners is another great gift for the crazy chicken lady want to be in your life. Do you know someone dreaming of having their own back yard flock but they haven’t taken the plunge of owning them yet? Get them this book! It will give them the confidence they need start looking around locally for some pullets (you’ll learn what those are in the book) or learn how to raise chicks themselves. There is nothing more satisfying than raising chickens and having them provide a wonderful protein source at the same time.

Maybe your chicken lover will want to branch out and learn about How to Raise Ducks. Duck eggs are much larger and many people can digest them better than chicken eggs. Bonus! Ducks are cute and fun to watch. Negative- ducks like to bury their eggs in the mud any chance they get.

Little Girl Chicken Gifts

Here are a couple chicken bracelets and other unique gifts for the little ladies in your life. Being a crazy chicken lady is something girls know from early on! The second one is a cuff bracelet with little chickens and hearts on it.

Keep Checking Back for More Great Gift Ideas!

Every time I come across a new item or product that I think would be a great gift for the crazy chicken lady, I will be adding it to this page.

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