Ball Canning Jar Identification

identifying-vintage-ball-jarsDid you find an old Ball Canning Jar in the barn or in your basement? Many people are trying to figure out how to get information on Ball canning jar identification. Well, it’s easy to find out the age of it by looking at one simple picture showing the different styles of lettering that have been used over the years.

Look no further than right here to find out if you have an antique ball jar or not. Some jars that are older should probably not be used for pressure canning but if you wanted to use them for dry storage or even for water-bath canning, I’d say, go ahead!

Here is the full sized image showing the dates of your Ball canning jars:

Identifying Vintage Ball Jars
The newer jar styles are on the bottom and the oldest are on the top. It’s a quick and easy reference point to easily be able to identify how old your Ball canning jars are. Some differences in the logo are subtle, but having an easy reference handy to compare your jars to makes it easy to see if you have a $1 jar or a jar that collectors would be willing to bid on at an auction. These jars are out there, yet to be discovered!

Whether you are just a home canner who wants to use the jar you found, or you are a collector, you can benefit from this easy to understand picture showing Ball canning jar identification.

Do you want to know the current pricing on NEW canning jars from Ball? Here is a list of what is currently available on Amazon:

List of Ball Jars available on Amazon

Also, for the avid canner, might I recommend this wonderful version of the Ball Home Canning Book. I use this most of the time when I’m doing a canning project. It has wonderful tasty recipes and canning instructions from a wide variety of foods from jams to beef stew. Check it out below:

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

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