This Stir Fry Dish is So Easy!

Finished stir fry dish on plate

You want to start this stir fry dish by making the stir fry sauce. Here are the directions to make the easy stir fry sauce.

So after my sauce is made, I will put some long grain white rice in my Quick Cooker, Pampered Chef’s version of the electric pressure cooker. It makes restaurant quality rice every time in 15-20 minutes. I’ve made Quinoa, Jasmine rice, brown rice and long grain white rice and they are were all just perfect! I highly recommend this method for cooking rice. I always plan on making enough rice for this meal and for making a quick and easy fried rice from the leftover rice.

After I have that going, I can start with my stir fry recipe using my leftover pork loin chops. I like being able to cook once for several dishes and this one makes good use of a leftover pork chop. They never reheat to that same quality they are when they are grilled but using them like this is fantastic and I’ve had no complaints at all.

Start by Toasting the Sesame Seeds

Start by toasting a Tablespoon of sesame seeds in the pan while you are cutting up some aromatic for the stir-fry. You know, an onion, some celery and a little garlic. Don’t all good meals start this way?

I’ve got some onion in the freezer I’m going to use up and just chop some fresh celery. Whenever we eat on a fresh onion and we don’t eat it all right away, I chop it up and put it in a freezer bag to use whenever I’m making something where the onions need to be cooked anyway.

Oh watch the sesame seeds carefully because once they start to toast it doesn’t take them long to burn. Keep them moving around in the skillet frequently until they are done. You can see me toast sesame seeds in the video here on making fried rice.

I also found some red pepper in the freezer that I decided to chop up and throw in there for some more flavor and color in this stir fry dish.

Next, prep the onion, pepper, celery and garlic

Once the pepper has thawed and starts cooking good, I just add in the garlic while I go get the frozen bag of stir fry veggies out of the freezer.

Stir it all around to incorporate the minced garlic into the dish and once you can smell it good, then add in the bag of veggies and 1/2 cup of water and cover.

Stir Fry Dish Veggies are Added

Now get your leftover pork loin chop out to slice into the size you want for your stir fry meal.

I like to slice mine thin but leave the strips who so you can tell it’s a piece of meat.

Check the stir fry to make sure the big clumps of frozen veggies have been broke up before putting the meat in to warm while the veggies finish steaming. I usually let it cook with the lid on for 6-7 minutes before adding the meat.

Add the Leftover Pork Slices

Now it will cook for another 6-7 minutes or until you can hear the liquid has cooked off of it. Check you biggest veggie and if it is cooked to your liking ,go ahead and add the sauce after shaking it up. If it is not done to your liking, add a little more water and put the lid back on for another minute or so.

Now that you have added the sauce you can stir it all up and wait for the magic of the thickening to happen. It will take a minute or two but it will happen. You don’t want to cook it too long at this stage because you want plenty of that stir fry sauce to be able to soak into your rice.

Once it’s thickened up a bit, sprinkle the sesame seeds on top and cover until you have your plates ready with the rice.

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