Perfect Bacon from an Original Copper Pan

I have this thing for making perfect bacon because we eat it so often. I have finally found a few ways to make it the same way, every time, without fail.

I was curious as to how people liked their bacon so I posted this picture in my Appalachian Cooks group on FaceBook:

I asked members if it was time to flip it or not. So far, every minute or so, someone is commenting that it is too soon to flip it as most people think a perfect bacon is crispy. I like crispy bacon, the kind that almost crumbles away to nothing when you bite into it, not the kind that almost cracks your tooth when you bite into it. My great-grandmother always liked to eat it before it started to crisp. She would always tell the waiters at a restaurant, “Don’t burn the bacon!” When the waiter brought it to the table, it always looked perfect to me but she would always complain. As I got older, I learned to tell the waiter just to have them warm up the bacon good on both sides and bring it out to her. (Be sure to read to the bottom to see what the bacon actually looked like when I decided to flip it)

On other posts in that same group, people ask me about my copper pans. I had the original Copper Chef and Red Copper brands to start with, but the mister feels the need to run cold water on them while they are hot and it always warps them. When I told him about it, he ordered this set from Amazon, and today, I am using all 4 copper skillets, even the warped ones.


Original Copper Pan 10 and 12 inch Round Pans 2-Pack

These skillets are much lighter than the cast iron skillets that I prefer to cook in but they are just getting too heavy for this cook. The copper pans are a great alternative to using heavier skillets. They have an even cooking surface that all heats the same. I love cooking my eggs in this skillet after the bacon is cooked, they flip so easy and I rarely get a broken yolk when I am making “dippy eggs”. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews that are posted on the Amazon sale page.

Ok folks, let’s get back to talking about the perfect bacon! Here is the bacon as it looked when I did finally decide to flip it, several minutes after I took the first picture.

Oh boy was this the perfect time to flip the bacon or what?

I actually flipped it again just after turning it because it seems to cook in mere seconds on the second side after waiting so long on the bacon to warm through and start cooking. I may have even flipped it back over before taking it out of the pan.

Here is the finished product, the perfect bacon from my copper pans:

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  1. The perfect boiled ‘dippy’ eggs and buttered brown seeded soldiers. Fill a saucepan with enough water to cover your eggs and add a large pinch of sea salt. Turn the gas up high and get it to a ‘violent’ boil.

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