Pecan Pie Recipe from JW Adams

Pecan Pie

This pecan pie recipe was given to me from JW Adams and she said it was the only recipe I would ever need. Boy was she right! This is the only recipe for pecan pie I will ever make.

As you can tell, I need to work on my crust skills. Sometimes they turn out looking great and other times, I am doing good to just turn it under. I don’t make pies enough to be good at it. The good news is, the way it looks does not affect how it tastes. Any crust is a good crust in my book.

Pecan Pie Recipe

1 cup sugar

1/4cp melted butter

3 eggs beaten well

1/2 cup Karo syrup ( light)

1 cup pecans broken or whole

375 oven

Beat eggs, add to sugars and butter, mix well, fold in pecans, pour into unbaked shell, 375 for 45 mins. Recipe makes 1 pie.

Most cooks will understand these instructions as copied of from the pecan pie recipe card from JW Adams. Beating eggs well is something we all know how to do and then the rest of the steps are pretty self explanatory as well. The order of the way you add the ingredients really matter here. You need to do the eggs first, then the sugar and butter can be mixed in. Fold in the pieces of the pecans into the pie mixture but hold back any pecan halves you want to use for decoration until after it is poured into the pie shell.

Pecan Pie Going Into the Oven

Here is what the pecan pie looks like when you put it in the oven.

Pecan pie in oven

I always use a mixture of broken pieces of pecans and halved pecans in this recipe. I like the way it looks with the halved pecans making a nice design on the top.

Thank you JW for providing me with this recipe for pecan pie. Our whole family loves it and it couldn’t be easier to make. JW is a moderator over at our cooking group on Facebook.

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