Kitchen Hack- Filling Ziploc Baggies

This neat kitchen hack will change the way you fill ziploc baggies forever!

For those of you who have a fully stocked kitchen for canning, you will already have the cool tool you need, no need to spend any more money to be able to do this kitchen hack.

So what is this neat tool? It’s a jar lifter, used to lift canning jars in and out of the canner. Here is what a jar lifter looks like:

So how can this canning tool help me to fill ziploc baggies?

We know you have tried to turn the top of a baggie over the edge of a measuring cup and probably anything that was in your reach the last time you had to fill baggies for freezing or dry storage. Once you see this neat kitchen hack you will definitely want to have one of these Jar Lifters for the next time!

Ok ok, here it is the picture of my cool kitchen hack for filling ziploc baggies like a Kitchen Diva!

jar lifter with baggie attached


See how this works? You just lip the top edge over the part of the jar lifter that would normally hold the jar. The bag actually keeps it from opening any farther than the bag opening. It’s perfect for filling with brownie mixes, pizza dough, rice, leftovers for the freezer and even liquids.

Many people who want to make a big batch of bone broth use freezer bags instead of pressure canning it in jars and this works great.

Here is a picture of me filling the baggie with water that has blue food coloring in it. I actually took the picture myself so that you could see just how easy it is to use this kitchen hack jar lifter method for filling ziploc baggies. Here it is:

Jar lifter Kitchen Hack 2

Once you have it full, just use both hands to remove it from the jar lifter and seal it. (It will straighten back out right when you take it off)

Squeeze the air out and zip it up to get it to look like this:

Kitchen Hack Jar Lifter 3

You can now easily fill and pour your freezer and pantry favorites without making a big mess anywhere. I didn’t get one drop of blue water anywhere but inside the baggie while taking these pictures.

Some jar lifter options for those of you who don’t already have one:

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  1. When filling ziploc bags I pop the bag into a measuring jug. This way I get a rough guide to how much is in it. As I then dehydrate the content (backpacking meals) I then have a rough guide on how much water to add back later……..

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