Jiffy Corn Casserole – Scalloped Corn Cornbread

If I had to pick 1 holiday casserole that is guaranteed to be a big hit it would be the Jiffy corn casserole or what my grandma called, scalloped corn.

No matter what you call it, it will please everyone! I get requests for it all year long.

So you can easily see the ingredients needed in this picture:

Corn cake casserole
  • 1 box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
  • 1 egg
  • 1 can creamed corn
  • 1/2 stick butter (1/4 cup)

When I make this, I like to keep the dishes down to a minimum. I just melt the butter in the pan I’m going to bake this in and then add the can of creamed corn to that. Next, add in the egg and make sure it is evenly distributed throughout the creamed corn and butter. Now add in the dry mix and just mix it around until no dry mixture remains.

Place it in a preheated 375 degree oven and bake it until it is good and brown. Time will vary depending on the size of pan you choose to bake your Jiffy Corn Casserole in. Smaller pans will make the casserole thicker and will need longer to cook. This stoneware pan normally takes 50-55 minutes for this to bake.

Jiffy cake

What is Jiffy Corn Casserole?

This is a common question. The best way I can think to describe the Jiffy corn casserole is like a very moist cornbread. People who do like the consistency of a true scalloped corn casserole or corn pudding should try this recipe. Those who like a sweet cornbread but don’t like it dry should try this recipe.

Here is a closer look at a piece of this Jiffy Corn Casserole:

Jiffy corn cake

What Other Variations For This Recipe Are There?

  • Feeding a larger crowd? Try using 2 boxes of Jiffy Corn Mix, 2 eggs, a whole stick of butter, 1 can creamed corn, 1 can drained, whole-kernel corn.
  • Add in jalapenos for a southwestern meal.
  • Many people who like it “wetter” also add in a cup of sour cream, but I do not. You are welcome to give it a try.

Ready to Ditch the Box Mix?

I recently made a dry mix in a jar to replace buying these Jiffy boxes. Here is how I made it. This is what the recipe picture would look like using the cornmeal mix in a jar:

corn casserole using homemade mix in a jar
Use 1-1/3 cup of this homemade mix in the recipe for scalloped corn

Of course, I tested it out and made some of this cornbread casserole for dinner before adding the recipe to the website. Let me tell you how good it is! I even used a while whole wheat flour in the jar mixture and it is so light and fluffy. This is the perfect addition to our weekday lineup of side dishes to make it feel like a comfort meal.

With just the 2 of us eating here now, we often eat this for 3-4 different meals. It always feel like when I make this one dish, I’m meal prepping for several meals to come. Having this mix in the pantry makes it handy to make this anytime I am already going to have the oven on for an hour or more. Give it a try yourself, there is a recipe card included on the page that makes just enough to try it out once.

For this recipe of making scalloped corn, or corn casserole, just use 1-1/3 cups of the jar mix. Use the same amount for any recipe that calls for a box of Jiffy cornbread mix.

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    1. If you use a 9×13 pan it shouldn’t take much longer. If you cook it in a loaf pan it will take more time because it is thicker. It will all brown when it is done. Hope this helps!

  1. Going to make it as individual little casseroles, like little breads. How much time should I leave in the oven? Thanks

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