House Seasoning Mix

seasoning mix

House Seasoning MixMake your own House Seasoning Mix with just three basic spice staples most people have in their cabinets right now. If not, you should because you can do so many things if you just have the basics.

The spices used to create my House Seasoning Mix are:

  • black pepper
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder

House Seasoning Mix

You simply use equal parts of each and mix it up to make this super tasty seasoning mix.

I started out using 3 Tablespoons of each in this 8 ounce jelly jar. It turns out if I had used 4 Tbsp of each it would have worked out perfectly.

Once you get all your garlic and onion powder combined into a container with the black powder you simply shake it up to combine the 3 ingredients. This makes your “house” seasoning mix that you will be able to use in many ways.

House Seasoning Mix

Having this mix on your pantry shelf will allow you to season up just about anything you make to a taste of perfection that your family will notice.

We started using this House Seasoning Mix at Wild Heaven Farms when we were looking for a way to flavor foods without using salt.

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