Home Canning Supplies- Must-Haves for the New Canner

canning suppliesFor those of you who are just getting started with canning, you will need to make sure you have the basic home canning supplies on-hand.

  1. Canning Utensil Set– usually under $12
  2. Granite Ware Water-Bath Canner with Rack $20 or less
  3. Canning Jars normally around $10 for 12
  4. Pressure Canner from $50-$250 depending on brand

That’s it! You can easily get started with canning as soon as your garden ripens or the local farmers market opens.

Ok, most canners actually can food all year long. Normally around New Years the price of pineapples comes way down to around $1 each. This is the time we always stock up with 10-20 pineapples and make chunks and juice that will last the whole year long. (hopefully or at least until you find it on sale again) It’s those kinds of sales that allow people to fill their pantry shelves for a fraction of the cost of buying certain things out of season.

Here are the directions for Canning Pineapples.

If you are going to have all the home canning supplies you need, you might as well get your moneys worth out of them, right?

Here at Wild Heaven Farms we can meat to put on our pantry shelves so that on a day when we’ve been outside working, we can come in and easily have a meal with little to no forethought about what you are going to make.

When we invested in our home canning supplies, I vowed to make the most of it and boy have I! We open 4-5 different jars or more every day. It’s great to know exactly what goes into the food you are feeding your family.

This list of home canning supplies covers both Waterbath canning and Pressure Canning. You might as well have the equipment to do both because once you get started you will have to have it anyway. Sometimes when we are pressure canning something like vegetable-beef soup, it’s nice to have the bigger canning pot to heat everything up in before filling the jars to pressure can. You’ll see the need for having both once you get started.

Don’t be afraid of canning your own food! It’s easy and rewarding to do. Your family will soon think you are the Queen of your kitchen because nothing will compare in taste and freshness to your home-cooked foods that are based on your canning pantry.

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