Dilly Onion Bread Recipe

This is a dilly onion bread recipe straight out of the 1974 recipe booklet from the South Dakota Wheat Commission. It is amazing! A great way to use up some cottage cheese that’s been sitting around and nobody wants to eat it. Give this a try for sure before judging it based on the ingredients.

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Dilly Onion Bread Recipe in the Making

To make this dilly onion bread, I start off getting the 1/4 cup warm water and adding 2-1/4 teaspoons of dry yeast so it can dissolve.  

Once is dissolved, I add the 2 tablespoons of sugar to the used to the yeast, mixture.

Now melt the tablespoon of butter in a pan. And heat the cottage cheese to lukewarm. Since this recipe called for small curd cottage cheese. I’m using my immersion blender while this is heating up.

Now , I’m going to add my herbs and 2 teaspoons dill seeds into my mixer bowl. The Dilly Onion Bread recipe doesn’t call for salt in the dough but since I used unsalted butter, I added 1/4 tsp salt at this stage of dough making. 

I don’t have any dried onions or a soup packet, so I’m going to use a mixture of my dried chives and dried green onions. I’m going to add about a tablespoon of each to my mixing bowl.  I normally just crunched them up in my hand.

Next, I added the baking soda in the egg and turned on my mixer. 

After that, I’ll add it in the butter and cottage cheese blended mixture, and then measured out my flour. Be sure you beat the mixture well before adding in the flour. This recipe calls for an all-purpose flour but I’m going to use my white whole wheat for this dilly onion bread recipe.

I’m using white whole wheat instead of all purpose flour. I add it one cup in the beginning and let that mix well with the wet ingredients and seasonings. Then I add in the last 2 1/4 cups by a big serving spoon at a time.

Once it all comes together, you can scrape it off the sides and let it sit. Somewhere warm for one hour to rise.

You can see in this picture that I am pressure canning beans today so I’m going to sit it in an empty pan on the back burner. The stove is too warm to sit it on. It would start baking. I did cover it with a clean kitchen towel for the entire hour.

I always try to do something that keeps me close to the canner during the 90 minutes the beans take to cook. 

So you can adapt this Old Fashioned Dilly-Onion Bread recipe to the ingredients you have on hand as well. I’m sure it will taste great no matter what. It’s a great recipe for when you have just one cup of cottage cheese left in the bottom of the container and nobody wants to eat it. They will eat it now for sure! 

When your hour rise time is getting close, you’ll need to prepare your bread pan by buttering it. I just use a coffee filter and about a teaspoon of butter. I start in the corners and then spread it all out evenly.

Once your hour rise time is up, you can use a spatula or scraper whatever you call it and stir it all back together into a ball. Now stretch that out into a tube and put it into your pan. You can cover it with the same towel you used to cover it earlier. 

It will rise for another 30-40 minutes in the bread pan. At the 25 minute mark, I go ahead and turn the oven on to 350°. When it is preheated, I uncovered the bread pan and put it in the oven. 

It hadn’t risen as much as I thought it would. I’m this far into making lunch so I’m just going to go with it. I’m starting to get hungry! My chicken noodle soup is starting to smell so good. 

This Dilly Onion Bread will bake for 40-50 minutes until it is golden brown. 

Once it comes out of the oven, butter it and give it a good salting. I used pink Himalayan salt. Don’t skip doing this as it adds another level of yummy once you are eating it.

I always get asked about my stone bread pan. Here is a link to look at it, but don’t give that outrageous price they are asking, find yourself a Pampered Chef rep and inquire about how to get one of these.

I let it cool for 10 minutes before taking it out of the bread pan. I just plopped it onto a plate and sliced right into it. It smells so good! 

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