Christmas Cookie Recipes Collection

Christmas cookie tray recipes

I have so many different Christmas Cookie Recipes that I have collected over the years. I thought I would use this post as a one-stop-shop for myself next year when Christmas rolls around again. Sometimes I make Christmas Cookie Platters to sell at different events so having them all in one location will surely be helpful to me. I hope you find this collection of Christmas cookies to be useful as well.

Christmas Cookie Trays

How many of you want to make Christmas cookie trays for loved ones as gifts? This is a great gift to take to other’s homes during the holiday season. This gives you a great gift for the hostess or host and it also ensures there will be something great to snack on while you are there. Talk about taking away the sting of a drop-by unannounced visit with a friend or loved one. They will welcome you in with open arms if you come bearing a platter of cookies.

Here are a Few of My Favorite Cookie Recipes To Use

You know when a cookie recipe is circled and the word “excellent” written beside it, it has to be good! Cooks who like to bake around the holidays treat their cookie recipe collection like their favorite dinner recipes. They write tips and recipe conversions right on the printed recipe. Give this Whipped Shortbread cookie recipe a try to add to your next cookie platter. The glazed cherry makes this a beautiful addition to the tray or holiday box of cookies.

The next image has come from an old church or other similar type of cookbook and it looks like 3 women have submitted recipes for peanut butter cookies. How does one decide which recipe to try first? The other Christmas cookie recipes found on this page is the Sweetheart Filled cookies and Trilby cookies. They both have the same ingredients but I think the way they are put together is different. These are definitely old fashioned cookie recipes.

Multiple Printed Cookie Recipes to use on a Platter

Above is the recipe for the Christmas tree cookies you saw at the beginning of this blog post. There are 4 great recipes for Christmas cookies on this sheet from an old cook book. They include a Brandy Wafers recipe, a recipe for Swiss Cinnamon Stars, Butterscotch Refrigerator Cookies and the Christmas Tree Cookies Recipe.

I also enjoy the way the Gingerbread Kiss cookies looks on a platter of other cookies. Be sure to use the striped kisses for a good contrast against the gingerbread. We are thankful to have found this Christmas cookie recipe and credit for the image goes to We appreciate the hard work you did to make this recipe photo card. I’ll be making these each year.

Kolaczki Recipe (Polish Cookies) and Pumpkin White Chocolate Drops

The Kolaczksi Recipe is also know as a polish cookie and is a great addition to the Christmas Cookie Tray platter. The different jams will add a different color to the presentation. These are beautiful and yummy cookies! Give them a try and they will become part of your regular cookie making each year.

Pumpkin White Chocolate Drops is another cookie for your tray that offers an interesting color combination. We are able to grow pumpkins here on the farm fairly easy so I always have lots of pumpkin puree in the freezer just longing to be made into something besides a plain pumpkin pie. It’s time for the pumpkin to shine with this recipe! I’m so glad to have seen it come through on my news feed on Facebook.

Handwritten Christmas Cookie Recipes

These handwritten recipes have been passed down for generations and now are being shared with the world online on social media. Nana Emma would either be happy or mad to beat all if she only knew thousands of people had made her famous Nut Crescents Christmas cookie recipe that one of her grandchildren had shared on Facebook.

Pecan and Lemon Tassies are another favorite that people tend to go for fist on a cookie platter. There is something about that lemon flavor that is different from the heavy chocolate flavors most cookie and confections use.

Chocolate Crinkles make a pretty cookie on a tray and the way these crack open after being rolled in powder sugar makes a nice contrast from light to dark busting out underneath it.

Soft Molasses Cookies

The soft molasses cookie is a consumer favorite. It’s something people only make and get around Christmas time. For this reason it should be included in any Christmas Tray Platter whether you are selling them or giving them away as gifts. The recipients will be delighted to find these in the mix of other cookies. I just love the way someone took the time to type out this recipe front and back on an index card.

I’ll keep adding more recipes here as time goes by until I have the largest collection of Christmas Cookie Recipes on the Internet! It’s so nice to have so many all in one place.

Need Disposable Cookie Trays?

Here is what I’ve found to use on Amazon. Be sure to note they have different sizes of each disposable cookie tray. For instance, these are 12 inch trays but they do offer bigger ones as well. I recommend using a similar sized plate to practice seeing how your cookies fit on the tray before deciding what size trays to order.

They also have square trays for cookies or rectangle ones as well. Here is the price for the Square cookie trays shown below and here is the price for the rectangle cookie trays with lids. With the price so high on those rectangle cookie trays, I’m positive these would be used only for gifts and special occasions. They are nice being white, maybe you could line the cheaper black trays with a lighter paper before placing your cookies on it.

Check out These Paper Boxes

These would be awesome to use as a sampler for people to purchase before committing to a bigger purchase of a whole tray of Christmas cookies. These could also be used to sell confections in a small quantity at a craft show or flea market. The price is good and they come in a batch of 50 so there are plenty to test out your market for cookie buyers. The possibilities with these boxes are endless, chocolate covered strawberries, donuts, buckeye balls, homemade fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, hot cocoa bombs, etc. These are great to have around.

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