Homemade Dog Treats – Doggie Treats from Brewers Grain

homemade dog treatsIf you have access to some spent grains from a local brewery, you can make your pet the best dog-gone dog treats in the world. These homemade dog treats can be adjusted to suit your dogs taste buds. It has several different variations of ingredients that can be switched around to make different flavors so your dog has a nice variety. I’m sure he will love all of the flavors as they are Wild Heaven Farms tested to be top-notch with our competition dogs.

Make sure it is grain from making beer!

One important thing to check with the brewery on is…Read More »Homemade Dog Treats – Doggie Treats from Brewers Grain

Ball Canning Jar Identification

identifying-vintage-ball-jarsDid you find an old Ball Canning Jar in the barn or in your basement? Many people are trying to figure out how to get information on Ball canning jar identification. Well, it’s easy to find out the age of it by looking at one simple picture showing the different styles of lettering that have been used over the years.

Look no further than right here to find out if you have an antique ball jar or not.Read More »Ball Canning Jar Identification

Homemade Gummy Bears Recipe

I just found this really yummy looking recipe for homemade gummy bears. I can’t wait to get the molds and try making this with some of my neighbors honey and our favorite fruit purees. I can only imagine how tasty these will be. My daughter loves the conventional gummy bears that are loaded with sugar and probably preservatives that we don’t need. I can’t wait to supply her with a healthy alternative to store-bought gummy bears.

The recipe for these gummy bears is fairly simple and straight forward. Read More »Homemade Gummy Bears Recipe