A Beautiful Fall Day on the Farm

Farmhouse in the fall

The farmhouse has come a long way over the summer this year. It still has a long way to go! The addition of heavy machinery this year has allowed us to change the landscaping quite a bit. We wanted to take down the old railings so that we can add some new steps up to the top deck in the future. We learned that in the case of an emergency, EMTs wouldn’t be able to maneuver a gurney up and down the old steps with the railing. Might as well fix it now while everything else is all tore up.

The downspout on the front isn’t finished either. When it was installed, we had a raised flower bed that it stopped at which makes it look a little funny now. It will eventually be extended straight down and buried into a drain to get it away from the house. At least we have gutters all the way around now!

Be sure to notice the poke growing at the edge of our carport. I always try to let the native plants grow in places that we can’t mow. This plant has the protection of our clump of zebra grass. I hope the birds enjoy this right into winter. We also have loads of native jewelweed but we’ve learned that there is also poison ivy close by anywhere this plant grows. Many people say it the other way around as in, anywhere there is poison ivy you will also find jewelweed. No matter how you say it, it stands true around here at the farm.

We Still Love the Farm!

It’s been a rough couple of years, but we are ready to be back here full-time!

The trees this time of year make it truly beautiful. Things change so fast that we try to soak in every view the farm offers us.

The acorns and hickory nuts are falling when the birds flock from tree to tree. They are so loud. It sounds like a scene from a horror movie when they come through. The sounds of hickory nuts and acorns hitting the barn roof sounds a firing range. You need to take cover when they are in the trees.

The Twin Deer

Here are the twin deer that were raised on the garden this year. They didn’t eat the cucumbers, bell peppers or cayenne peppers. I was shocked to see them eating the green bean plants and even the tomato vines. We placed a piece of fence in an arch over the zucchini plants. This way we could at least get a few of those. They ate all 4 rows of corn over the course of the growing season. I planted 33 pole bean plants mid season and they ate all but the 1 that was too far in the corner for them to stick their heads. I can only imaging the harvest I would have had. Next year we will be using some electric fence to let them know that I am reclaiming my garden!

The twins 2 deer that ate my garden

I have a video of this moment with the deer. We had just opened the camper door for the first time that morning and these 2 twins just looked at us like we where there people. Their mama had a different idea and you can hear her snort out of the tree-line to warn them of danger. They didn’t believe her the first few times because we have made eye contact with these 2 many times since spring.

Here is the video, I went ahead and uploaded it to YouTube. https://youtube.com/shorts/Q_ejrxR5L5A Because I took the phone in an up and down video it uploaded as a “short” and I can’t embed it. It’s worth watching!

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